Improve your Bench, in under 6 weeks,GUARANTEED!

A DEFINITIVE and COMPREHENSIVE guide to increase your bench press in six weeks. 

Three years ago I wrote my first bench press ebook. It was a huge success! Hundreds of people made incredible progress and hit tons of PRs! 

But a lot has changed since then. For one, I have learned a ton about programming and getting results. Plus, I HAVE ADDED 50 POUNDS to my bench press since the last program came out. I went from a 365lb bench press to a 415lb bench press all while staying the same body weight.

The contents of this book have been compiled and practiced for the last 3 years. I used myself, along with a bunch of my clients and training partners as "guinea pigs" to make sure I got this right. The results of our hard work is now available at the special price of only $27.


The Hunt Fitness 6 Week Bench Press Program contains everything you could want to know about how to build a BIG bench press. 



This book comes with TWO three week phases. This is a "plug and play" system. Simply download the program to your phone and follow along. 

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The unique Hunt Fitness warm up, cool down, and periodization/progression system. Learn how percentage based training, RPE scale, etc. work for a lifetime of progress. 



Technique is something that can alway improve. A few simple form tweaks alone can sometimes add significant weight to the bar. 

Pen and paper


Training is only half the battle. In order to get the most out of your effort in the gym you need to eat right. Follow the BIG bench diet included to maximize gains. 

“The Hunt Fitness 6 Week Bench Press Program helped me go from a 275 pound max to hitting 315lbs by the end of the program! This program delivers results!"

- Austin Baker 

Not just a "Bench Program"

I like to call this a bench specialization program. The emphasis is definitely on the bench press. Bench volume and frequency is really high. However, the program also includes squats, deadlifts and other movements as well. 



A Program Based On Science

This book was written based off cold, hard facts. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information in this book is based off from the current research + 1000s of hours in the gym.

A Word From The Author

“I have been obsessed with improving my bench press since the first time I walked in a weight room. It's my jam. Over the years I have wasted a lot of time on bulls#*t that doesn't really work. You know the drill, false promises, fake results I made the mistakes so now you don't have to. If you really want to make progress as fast as possible, give this program a shot. I have used the information in this book to build a 400+ pound bench press at under 165lbs bodyweight."

- Kyle Hunt

 Powerlifting Coach


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